Ecoshine, a great solution, Join the team to build the brand

June 23, 2010

Ecoshine, a quality waterless car wash that cleans, shines and polishes is making a difference in the world where water is in short supply. Draughts occur, water rationing becomes the norm, cleaning cars becomes almost impossible. Dirt builds up on a car’s surface. Hot sun beats down on the finish, soon your car you are proud to own and drive looks like ……….. Car’s are a major expense. Taking care of them including their finish adds life, prestige when the car maintains its new look.
Ecoshine offers great opportunities to those who want to join the team to build a brand. How to join is easy,
A minimal expense to purchase the product, give it a try, see for yourself how it works, what it does and why I am excited to write about it as a member of the team. A new product, an excellent opportunity, a fantastic owner, and as many team members as want to join can help this product become the waterless car wash brand. I am in it for the long haul. It isn’t easy. Success never is. With a team all things are possible. Go to Ecoshine and discover for yourself the opportunity and become a team member. Let me know through this website or through Twitter, you have joined the team, made a purchase and will report back on your experience. Become a team member partner and I will feature you and your car on this blog.


Success with Ecoshine waterless car wash as a business

May 17, 2010

When you select Ecoshine waterless car wash as a business opportunity, you have an opportunity to build a business in an industry of growth. I am always asking people if they have heard of waterless car wash and if so which do they use. It is rare when I find someone who is aware of this product. People are very interested in the industry and the product. They are excited to learn a product is available and thrilled to experience it. there isn’t a one who sees it work, clean shine and polish isn’t excited. As a business, you have an opportunity to share this news with others while building a successful business. When you help others you discover what so many have previously when they provide a great service with a great product, your business grows. Now is the time to join the team, help others and build a successful business.

Plan for summer income from a car wash enterprise Ecoshine

May 14, 2010

Looking for a summer job, part time income. Want it to be an outside job, one where you control what you earn. Then Ecoshine waterless car wash enterprise is an opportunity to consider. The product works. It is easy to use. You can charge $35.00 for a Ecoshine waterless cleaning, shine and protection. Additional income can be earned offering vacumning, interior cleaning, window washing. A standard car can be done in 1/2 hour. Additional income can be earned washing, shining and protecting motorcycles, Boats are another option. Two cars a day is $70 x 30 and you have $2100 a month. Your expenses include traveling, some gas, cost of the Ecoshine, and your time. Actual realized income will probably be close to $1800 from the $2100, still great earnings from a little time. Knowing this, add abit more motivation double the cars in a month and your take home can be $3600 The opportunity is yours. It is your own business. Go to and order your first gallon today. Discuss your ideas with Mike the owner. You will be glad you discovered the opportunity before the explosion when the entire country converts to these type of products. Establishing your name as a leader gives you the most exciting opportunity for a future. Do it now. I am glad I am a part of this adventure.

Car product that conserves water protects the environment Ecoshine

April 27, 2010

More than ever there is a real concern for the safety of our water. Our water supply may be contaminated from many sources including our own neighborhoods. Each of us can be contributors to the contamination of our water supply. We may not even be aware of what we do to pollute our water. It may be as innocent as not understanding or knowing the chemicals we use will have the impact it does.
Washing a car with water, soap in our yards, creates waste water with chemicals from our cars all adding to our concern.
I quote from Wikepedia Car Wash:

Contamination of surface waters arises from the rinseate discharging to storm drains, which in turn most commonly drain to rivers and lakes. Chief pollutants in such wash-water include phosphates; oil and grease; and lead. This is almost exclusively an issue for home/driveway washing. Professional carwashing is a “non-point source” of discharge that has the ability to capture these contaminants and have them undergo treatment before being released into sanitary systems. (Water and contaminants that enter storm water drains does not undergo treatment, and is released directly into rivers, lakes and streams.)

Soil contamination is sometimes related to such surface runoff, but more importantly is associated with soil contamination from underground fuel tanks or auto servicing operations which commonly are ancillary uses of car wash sites — but not an issue for car washing itself.

A great article on water contaminents helps us understand this issue.

To prevent this we must look to products that work to preserve our environment. Ecoshine waterless car wash is one of those products. Not only does it preserve our environment it cleans, shines and polishes at the same time. Now is the time to switch from washing the old fashioned way to a new better way, Ecoshine

The Millionaire Mind, Part time business and Ecoshine

April 19, 2010

Think about how many businesses you know are successful. In any community, you will find businesses, small to large to super large meeting the needs of their customers. When needs are met, you will find businesses with the potential to be million dollar businesses. Running these businesses profitably is key to success. As they find success, so do they find wealth.
Per the Millionaire Mind

We learn that millionaire entrepreneurs place high importance upon finding a profitable niche to serve. Stanley writes, “In fact, there is a highly significant correlation between level of net worth and the importance rating of ‘finding a profitable niche.'”

The Millionaire Mind has an excellent chapter, Vocation, Vocation, Vocation, which gives examples of profitable small businesses. We learn about “Mr. Richard” who specializes in providing eighteen-wheeler tractor trailer parts. Mr. Richard’s company acquires wrecked tractor trailers, strips them for parts, and resells the parts. His net worth is approaching eight figures. And, his annual income is above $700,000 a year. He’s the only dealer of used eighteen-wheeler parts listed in his local phone book, among pages and pages of general auto parts dealers.

Ecoshine is a new product in a new niche. Many detailers, student car washes, populations still wash cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes the traditional way, with water and soap followed by a wax or by adding a wax to their water. Few have heard of waterless car washes or look to products made outside of the US.
Now is the time to begin a part time business you build to full time, to a net worth of $1,000,000. Is it possible. The dealer of 18 wheeler parts met a need, found success, is now worth 7-8 figures. Yes it takes work. Good things come to those who work hard with a product they believe in. Discovering the product is the first step. Buy a kit, experience it, let Mike know you want to start a business. Mike is the owner, eager to help. I too am eager to help. This is a great time to start a business with a fantastic product in a market still undiscovered. Ecoshine waterless car wash

The 5 second miracle vs making money with Ecoshine

April 16, 2010

The 5 second miracle is heavily promoting itself on the radio as an outstanding opportunity to earn thousands of dollars every month. It requires an initial investment of $1000 plus $150 a month. The $150 a month is easily paid with the commissions you earn by getting others to pay the initiation fee of $1000 and the $150 a month. You earn commission of $200 for every person you get to join. What you get is a membership.
Ecoshine can be started with $30.00 and with a motivated person, washing 6 cars at $50.00 will net you $300 less your expenses leaving you with profits over $200 without undue pressure on someone to invest $1000 plus $150 a month. At some point those who join the 5 second miracle will find it more difficult to get someone to join. It is no different than any multi level marketing program or pyramid.

What you also achieve is the beginning of a business you can build based on real value of the service you provide. Starting out with a product and industry in its infancy increases the chance of building thousand aires if not millionaires. There are many opportunities to building a business with Ecoshine from the service of clean shine and polish to building a distribution network with large stores, the internet or other ideas you are motivated to achieve.

The real difference between the 5 second miracle vs the opportunities with Ecoshine is the real business you build that builds value with blue sky and wealth that is real helping provide a service the world needs.
I seriously encourage motivated individuals who love cars, motorcycles, boats, to give the product a try and discover what you can achieve with Ecoshine.

More business opportunities than you can imagine with Ecoshine

April 15, 2010

It just isn’t a clean, polish and protect waterless car wash, it is also a clean polish and protect waterless motorcyle wash, a clean, polish and protect waterless airplane wash and a clean, polish and protect waterless boat wash. This product allows you to enjoy being around great people who love their vehicles no matter what type it is. They are the ones willing to pay up to $50 to clean, polish and protect their vehicles. It is great to be around this type of person. They are willing to pay money to keep their vehicles in top shape, for longer use and to enjoy the image a clean vehicle provides. Considering a $29.99 32 ounce bottle of Ecoshine will do an estimated 20 cars, this expense can generate up to $1000.00 If it takes about an hour to do each vehicle, this is earning $50.00 an hour. Sales can also be generated at the same time selling the product to others who enjoy the activity themselves. This is an excellent opportunity. It requires hard work at the beginning. As you build your territory, you can add to your income by hiring others to help. It starts with a purchase to allow you to experience the quality and ease of use of the product. Buy the product today, discover the potential you have inside promoting a great product, yourself and Ecoshine.